Ivanka Trump visit pushes ‘women first, prosperity for all’ in India

Ivanka Trump's solo outing to a business conference in India was met by a bit of a collective yawn on the streets of the technological hub city of Hyderabad.

The senior White House adviser on Tuesday headlined the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, which aims to support female entrepreneurs and promote global economic growth.

"I encourage everyone here to come together, learn from each other and find new ways to lift barriers in our society so that women are free to innovate, empowered to succeed and able to leave our children a brighter future," Trump told delegates in the event's opening speech Tuesday.

Outside, across the city of 7.75 million people, armies of workers had been tasked with sweeping the streets clear of trash and adorning tunnels, bridges and trees with festive lights and colorfully painted rainbows.

Thousands of beggars and street sleepers have also been rounded up and cleared from the sidewalks. nbcnews.com