Ex-Uber staffer says that the company had a unit dedicated to stealing trade secrets

The trial between Uber and Waymo scheduled to begin next week has been delayed by order of the judge, who scolded Uber for withholding evidence, according to media reports.

The allegations of cloak-and-dagger tactics at Uber, the ride-hailing giant that has been accused of stealing trade secrets involving self-driving cars from Waymo, seemed straight out of a spy novel.

Judge William Alsup delayed the upcoming trial, originally scheduled for December 4, saying it would be a "huge injustice" to force Waymo to go to trial given the new evidence that surfaced in the case, according Reuters and other accounts from the hearing.

Lawyers for Waymo read a letter apparently written by former Uber security staffer Richard Jacobs, which detailed an internal unit at the company focused on stealing trade secrets.

Jacobs also testified in person on Tuesday, where he said that the surveillance team at Uber used “anonymous servers” separate Uber's main servers, according to Bloomberg.

He described it as a system that actively deletes messages after a small delay so as to leave no trace. businessinsider.com