For newborns, the second they enter the world marks the beginning of a very intense learning process in which every aspect of their surroundings presents something new!

Like a sponge, they soak in every sight, sound, smell, and flavor creating the foundation for their very first memories from which all other memories will be built.

One of the most important aspects of this phase in their lives is having Mommy and Daddy keeping them entertained and feeling safe and loved.

The sound of their mother's voice can often be the only thing to soothe a flustered newborn, but what if a child is born without the ability to hear?

Sadly, little Daniella was dealing with this very scenario. But lucky for her, Daniella's parents found the right hearing aids she needed to help her hear her first sounds. By chance, her parents managed to catch this priceless moment on tape when their daughter heard her mother's voice for the very first time.

In the clip below, you can see Daniella attempting to figure out what this strange sense of noise is for the first time. She blankly stares into the distance as she tried to understand and make sense of it. Her mom, hoping to get any reaction, speaks her name as one of the first words her daughter will hear, but no such reaction happens.

But that all changed when she called her “pretty girl” and the fascinated baby cracks the most adorable smile! It sure does look like Daniella already understands what her Mom has said, let alone the fact that she naturally recognized her mom's distinct voice. Incredible!

And so it must be true- as they always say, no love compares to a mother’s love!

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