Visiting the zoo is always a fun and exciting experience no matter what age group you fall into.

With beautiful enclosures, educational tours, seasonal specials, and of course the remarkable animals themselves, there's always something new and interested to do at the zoo!  Nowadays, most people who visit the zoo never miss out on the chance to take a snap of their favorite exhibitions and share their fun day out with all their loved ones. Unfortunately for these visitors, the unexpected happened when they decided to take a picture of this quirky monkey...

When a group of visitors decided to visit Russia's Krasnodar Safari Park, they couldn't help but notice little Yasha, a capuchin monkey, who in their eyes was the perfect subject of their next picture. Yasha however, had something else in mind!

The hilarious clip was uploaded this week on the 27th November, 2017, starring a fascinated couple who excitedly approached Yasha for a closer look.

As soon as the man decides to pull out his phone for a close up shot of the adorable monkey, Yasha cheekily reached through the barrier and surprised everyone with what he did next.

In a split second, the capuchin monkey snatched this visitor's smartphone right out of his hands frantically trying to fit the device through the gate. Terrified the monkey would run away with his phone, the stunned man stretches out in a fury and grabbed his phone back form this little thief.

Upon realizing his exciting new device was snatched away, Yasha expressed his obvious frustration screeching with all his might!

You never know what to expect whenever you come across a bored and curious monkey. Maybe all he wanted to do was take a selfie!

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