Footage has emerged of a hero saving a blind man from stepping in front of a train, surely saving his  life!

The video was filmed on a security camera in Colorado and shared by the Regional Transportation District. It shows a man with a cane walking towards a pedestrian crossing over some train tricks earlier this month.

As the man is just about to step out onto the tracks, a stranger quickly grabs him from behind and pulls him back. Just moments later, the train rushes through the crossing.

The hero hasn't been identified but the blind man has been found and gave an interview to KUSA News.

The man, Mike Wyatt, says he's gone back to the same spot a few times to try and meet the stranger and thank him.


“It really feels like someone is watching over me,” Wyatt said. He later made a sign saying "I'm looking for the young man who saved my life" and held it up around the station to see if he could track down his hero.

“You live and you die,” Wyatt said. “It’s what you do in between, and this young man did a great thing for me and that’s what I want to say to him — 'thank you.'"