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A concert goer who attended Electric Zoo's festival in New York was determined to get his money's worth when he buried alcohol under the ground at the site three weeks before the event. 

Alex decided to stash a bottle of vodka hidden in a water bottle at Randall's Island ahead of the actual concert so he could dig it up once he arrived.

The innovative concert goer said that he and his friends were intrigued to see if they could 'bury treasure without it being disturbed'.

'We used Google maps and marked our spot on GPS so we knew where it would be – then we waited.'

Alex posted images from the festival, which of course then went viral.

It's now led to a successful business venture with him now writing a book spilling all his festival secrets, due to be available in 2018.
Ultra-right wing news site Breitbart landed itself in hot water on Sunday after it was found to have posted an article about human traffickers in Spain with a picture of World Cup champion Lukas Podolski.

The article, published on Friday by Breitbart London entitled "Spanish Police Crack Gang Moving Migrants on Jet-Skis," discussed a group of smugglers who charged refugees 5,000 euros (approximately 5,900 USD) to bring them from Morocco to Spain via jet-ski.

The article's main image included a picture of a smiling Podolski flashing a peace sign on the back of a jet-ski with another man.

The picture, which shows Podolski wearing the German national team's uniform underneath his life jacket, was taken in 2014 during the World Cup in Brazil.

On Sunday, Breitbart switched out the picture after the original post sparked outrage, and more than a few jokes, on social media.

The far-right website also posted an apology in the form of an editor's note at the bottom of the article.
A gang of bullies nailed a plank of wood into the head of an autistic boy as he walked home from visiting his grandmother. 

Romeo Smith, nine, from Ma nsfield, was approached by the group who were waving sticks and calling him cruel names he climbed a tree to try and escape.

But when he tried to make his way home one of the yobs threw a plank of wood at him with a large nail protruding.

The piece of wood hit the youngster at the back of his head and the nail embedded itself into his skull.

Mother Natasha, 30, a nurse, had been walking home with Romeo and her three other children after calling at her mother's house nearby when Romeo was targeted.

'Romeo had lagged slightly behind,' said Natasha at the family home in Mansfield, Notts.
Some people go to desperate measures when they see a snake, any snake, but for a Texas homeowner, an impromptu anti-snake solution - set that repulsive reptile on fire - came back to bite.

Six fire crews in eastern Texas had to respond this week as a house burned, with the unidentified owner blaming the blaze on a blazing snake.

The homeowner in the Liberty-Eylau area south of Texarkana had spotted what was described as a large black snake, and decided to do something about it, pouring gasoline on the snake, which apparently was then set afire by her son, and then things really got hot.

The snake fled to a brush pile between two homes, the brush ignited, sending flames through tall, dry grass toward the residences, officials said.

A brick home the woman had recently purchased to move into was a complete loss, said Bowie County Sheriff's Deputy Randall Baggett, and the other home, which she also owned, suffered 20% damage.

The fire was being investigated, and the snake's fate was not known.
A massive fire has ripped through a skyscraper in Dubai for the second time in two years.

The 1,105ft Dubai Marina Torch tower - formerly the tallest building in the world - was engulfed in flames in the early hours of Friday.

Terrifying footage showed the fire spreading up the building.

Authorities said the building was successfully evacuated as dozens of firefighters brought the flames under control.

Videos showed debris falling the damaged building onto surrounding areas as terrified locals watched on.

The Dubai Civil Defence said in a statement online: "Firefighting teams in the civil defense in Dubai are currently dealing with a fire incident in one of the towers in the Marina area; four centers were moved to control the incident and limit its spread."
Documents show that Southaven officers went to the wrong house to serve a warrant on Monday, which resulted in the shooting death of a man who did not have any active warrants out for his arrest.

A warrant out of Tate County shows Samuel Pearman was wanted for domestic assault, but when Southaven officers arrived on Surrey Lane to arrest Pearman, they did not show up to the correct house.

Instead, officers missed their target by 36 feet and those 36 feet made all the difference to Ismael Lopez and his wife.

"Someone didn't take the time to analyze the address," attorney Murray Wells, who represents the family, said.

"This is incredibly tragic and embarrassing to this police department that they can't read house numbers."

Wells pointed out that the house officers should have gone to, the one where Pearman was located, had a large 'P' on the door.
A minor actress from Texas was sentenced Wednesday to 18 years in prison for sending ricin-tainted letters to President Obama, former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and the head of his gun-control group.

Shannon Guess Richardson, 36, was also ordered to pay $367,000 restitution as part of a plea bargain for pleading guilty in December to one count of developing, producing, possessing and transferring a biological agent for use as a weapon.

She bought the materials - castor bean seeds and lye, online.

The FBI arrested her in June 2013 after she was indicted by a federal grand jury.

Richardson mailed three letters in May 2013 from her home in New Boston, near Texarkana, and then drove to a Shreveport, La., police station to implicate her estranged husband, who had filed for divorce.

Ricin is a biological toxin for which there is no antidote or cure, and can be fatal if inhaled or swallowed.
Police have shot a man and a woman dressed as Batman characters as they engaged in a sex act at an Australian nightclub.

Dale Ewins, 35, who was dressed as the Joker, was reportedly left seriously injured after he was shot in the stomach when armed officers mistook his fake gun for a real weapon.

About 40 armed police officers raided the Saints and Sinners Ball, an erotic fancy-dress party described as a “no holds barred extravaganza of adult fun” on its website, at the Inflation nightclub at about 3am on Saturday.

The woman, 37-year-old Zita Sukys, was dressed as comic book supervillian Harley Quinn and was shot in the leg.

Both were taken to hospital, where Mr Ewins is believed to be in  a critical condition.

The nightclub’s owner Martha Tsamis has since taken to social media to defend the pair, saying they were simply caught in a “compromising position” in keeping with the “nature of the event”.
The Slidell, Louisiana, Police Department says they pulled over a car and arrested the driver on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. 

The car was left in a parking lot, and the other people who were in the car got a cab ride home.

Police say a woman who had been in the car later went back up to pick it up. 

They say she took the car to the police station to try to bail her friend out!

They say she was also drunk and they put her in jail, too.

The Slidell Police Department posted about it, saying ‘Lesson of the day...don't drive drunk to a police station in order to bail out your drunk friend! ‘
Fidget spinners are the latest playground phenomenon, but children interested in this deluxe version will need to save up a hell of a lot of lunch money to afford it.

The fidget spinner, reportedly the world’s most expensive, has just gone on sale and it will set you back a whopping £13,000.

Russian luxury jewellery specialists Caviar have designed four high-quality versions of the popular spinning toy.

Their most expensive type of fidget spinner is coated in 100 grams of gold and it can be pre-ordered for almost one million rubles (£13,000).