You've probably seen dozens of those 'funny mugshots', where criminals get arrested while wearing amusing clothes, but this might be one of our favorites!

A Virginia man named Wilmer Lara Garcia was recently arrested on suspicion of car theft.

As he posed for his mugshot, we can't help wondering in the arresting officers were chuckling in the background. Why? Well, just look at the message on Garcia's shirt.

Fairfax County Police

Police state that Garcia and another man worked together to steal a car, so it's doubtful that anyone is going to be trusting him anytime soon!

The cops say that a car was stolen after the owner turned on the engine to let it warm up and then left the vehicle open and unattended for a few moments.

The car was later spotted and stopped during a traffic stop. When police searched the stolen vehicle, they also found a bunch of forged checks.

Garcia has therefore been charged with auto theft and forgery.