Otters are among the cutest little critters out there. They're also very smart and playful creatures, and this adorable video will show you just how precious they can be.

This Asian small-clawed otter was caught on camera creating an awesome pool party fountain for himself and his buddies!

The otter, who lives with others at Wellington Zoo, used his own face, pushing it into a water pipe to make it spray out in every direction.

These cute little animals can be just like children sometimes and it's awesome to see them having so much fun with such a simple thing!

Otters enjoy spraying water in their habitat

#Keepercam! Our Otters have found a new way to enjoy their pool in their habitat - check out one of the boys who has discovered he can stick his nose in the pipe to create a sprinkler effect!
🎥: Keeper Anders

Posted by Wellington Zoo on Monday, 1 January 2018