Helen Kawecki and her husband Hank always loved their seemingly sweet grandson and would never have imagined he could do anything to harm them.

Incredibly, authorities have revealed that the young man is actually a con artist who has been manipulating his own grandparents for years.

“I didn’t think that my grandson would do that to me. He would be the last person,” Helen Kawecki said.

The couple were alerted to the con when one of their neighbors, Doug Emerson, spotted realtors appearing around their home whenever they were out with their grandson.

Doug came around one day and asked if Helen and Hank's house was for sale. They replied that they had no plans to sell and weren't sure why he was asking.

Doug did some research in his own time and learned that the couple's grandson was a suspected con man. He'd presented papers to his grandparents, pretending to offer them a personal loan, but they were actually signing over the deeds to their own home!

The grandson then took out nearly half a million dollars worth of loans against the house, forcing Helen and Hank to leave. The pair are filing a lawsuit against him, but can't do anything to stay in the home they've loved and lived in for over five decades.

Fortunately, good people heard about the story and raised over $100,000 on GoFundMe to help the couple stay on their feet and pay their legal fees.

Learn more in the video below.