We've heard of all sorts of dietary fads and ideas, but 78-year-old Arthur Boyt has a very unique eating habit: he chows down on roadkill.

It might sound gross (and it is!) but Arthur's system is actually pretty environmentally friendly. He's only eating animals that are already dead, rather than contributing to deaths himself, and he's preventing any of that meat from going to waste.

It's not for everyone, but it's not our place to judge him either.

Sadly, Arthur has been judged by the law and found guilty of a pretty serious crime as some of the animals he has eaten were considered 'exotic' and are protected by special rights.

Some of these 'exotic' delicacies include sperm whale and dolphin, which Arthur found washed up on a beach near his home.


Really, it doesn't make much sense that Arthur would get into trouble for eating animals that are already dead, but the law works in strange ways some times.

Here's what he said:They said that if I ate dolphin again that I could be given an unlimited fine or six months in prison.As far as I know if a citation washes up on the beach it is the responsibility of the beach owner to dispose of it.If its a council beach the council have to pay for it and it can cost a lot of money. But if you eat it, surely that is disposing of it?


Arthur has spent most of his life eating these exotic meats, as well as anything else he finds.

He has mastered all sorts of recipes over the years, including curries, stews, casseroles and more.

One of his favorite Christmas dishes is a sperm whale meat casserole with Brussels sprouts.


This year, however, Arthur will be eating turkey with his family just like most other people, as he doesn't want to run the risk of getting in any more trouble with the law.

He's excited to see his family, but not too enthused about eating turkey, stating “It’s not a Christmassy meat; it’s a rather sad meat when you think about it.”

Well, that's certainly a unique opinion, but Arthur seems like a pretty unique guy! Either way, we hope he has a very merry Christmas.