Watching other people slipping and sliding on ice is one of those things that will always be funny. It doesn't matter how old we get or how many times we see it, the sight of grown men and women losing total control as they try and take a couple of simple steps is utterly hilarious!

If you agree, we're sure this video will give you a big laugh! The clip shows a brave dad trying to take out the trash on one particularly frosty morning. Ice covers the ground and the guy needs to get his bin up a slight incline and out of a gate.

However, every time he attempts to move forwards, he ends up slipping and sliding all the way back down.

Hilariously, the guy's family spotted him and set up a camera to film his antics, while they provided the laugh track!

The scene continues, with the man slipping again and again. Eventually, we start to wonder if he's ever going to make it. You'll have to watch the clip for yourself to see how it all ends.