Many of us dream of dropping everything, packing our bags and jetting off to see all those dream destinations we always wanted to visit.

For many people, however, that sort of thing never becomes more than just a dream.

For Chris and Donna Jackson, it's reality!


Chris and Donna always wanted to travel and see the world, but their lives didn't really allow it. They both had full jobs, as well as two daughters who needed to go to school and be looked after.

One day, however, the pair decided that enough was enough. They quit their jobs, pulled their kids out of school, sold their possessions and decided to bring their dreams to life!


Each person in the family was allowed to keep one suitcase of stuff and, with that, they set off for the four corners of the globe! This all started in July of 2017 and so far, the family has visited five different countries.

Chris and Donna have come under fire regarding their kids' education, but they say that their girls are learning more from seeing the world than they would in a classroom.


The family visited volcanoes in Costa Rica and Chris commented: “How much can you learn about volcanoes in a classroom, compared to when you can see one right in front of you?”

They also wanted their kids to get away from the materialistic world and learn about the real values of life.


It might sound like an expensive idea, but the family haven't spent too much cash so far. They share all their travels on Instagram and many hotels have offered them cheap accommodation in exchange for a bit of exposure.

Donna summed up the idea by saying, “People tend to take things for granted and reach old age talking about the things they should have been doing, rather than the things they were doing.”

Would you have the courage to do this?