Dating in the modern world is a real challenge. Digitally, people are more connected than ever before, but many complain that forging that an emotional connection is harder than ever.

And tricks like the sort of thing this woman pulled don't make us more confident about the way dating is going!

A man started chatting the woman on Tinder. She "superliked" his profile and the pair seemed to hit it off, so they organized a date.

They decided to meet up for dinner at a restaurant, but it didn't take long for the man to see that something was wrong. The woman was barely talking to him and kept ordering the priciest items on the menu!

In the end, he came up with a sneaky way to avoid falling further into her trap. Scroll down to read the story as he told it!

Many people applauded the man for his quick-thinking and sneaky escape!

Some people just thought he could have offered to split the bill, while suggesting his reaction was just as bad as what she was doing.