Some of the most beautiful art mankind has ever made tends to be pretty old.

Of course, when paintings are kept in galleries or museums, this isn't much of a problem as they're carefully preserved and cleaned by experts, but when you just happen to find one in a dusty old attic or similar location, it can often be in a pretty bad state.

Yellow and brown hues tend to build up over the original colors, obscuring the image. This is because the varnish, originally applied to protect the painting many years ago, has started to age and attract dirt and grime.

This painting, known as "Lady in Red" and approximately 400 years old, clearly needed a makeover, and art expert Philip Mould was the man for the job. He shared a video on Twitter, showing how he transforms the painting and makes it look good as new.

Twitter / @philipmould

"We started restoration of the painting… after extensive testing of the varnish on an oil surface on oak panel. A mixture of gel and solvent was created, specifically just to remove the varnish and not to damage the underlying paint," Mould said.

Twitter / @philipmould

Watch it all happen in the clip below.