Chocolate is always tasty, kittens are always cute, and people falling over will always be funny!

It doesn't matter how many times we see it happen, we'll always laugh at someone else's misfortune when they lose their balance and come crashing down to Earth.

It's even funnier when it happens in the middle of a big public event like this wedding!

Reddit user nearlearl was a groomsman at the wedding and is now going viral after falling over during the middle of the service. He shared the story:

"Pastor said he was going to give a 'quick' 20-minute sermon that became 40+ minutes," he wrote. "I had a terrible breakfast and next to no sleep, I locked my knees and shortly after woke up on the floor."

"I broke my nose, dislodged my front teeth, and messed up my jaw pretty bad," he later added.

Normally, we don't like laughing too much about other people getting hurt, but it's pretty hard to keep a straight face at this one.