Serge Belo's art is beyond incredible. He recently finished a piece entitled 66,000: A Water Mosaic With a Cause, and you simply have to see it to believe it!

The piece was made from a whopping total of 66,000 plastic cups contained colored rainwater. When seen from above, the remarkable mosaic shows the image of a fetus in the womb. The piece actually has an important message, with Belo attempting to raise awareness about impurities in water quality around the world, especially in less-developed countries.

The piece covers an area of 3,600 square feet and it's a true marvel, taking many hours to prepare and complete. Belo was inspired to create his art when a drought back in 2001 destroyed almost all of the plants in his horticultural company. Since that day, he's been working hard to raise awareness about water quality.

Check out the video below to see how the art was made and how it looked when it was finally finished!