Bob Elz was out on his usual morning run when he heard a strange noise coming from a soccer field nearby.

It was a frosty morning in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and Bob could have just carried on with his run and hurried home, but he decided to stop and check to see what was going on.

As he approached one of the nets, he noticed a brown shape all tangled up. As he drew closer, he saw that the shape was a little deer that had somehow gotten itself all caught up.

The animal was obviously stressed out and panicking, but Bob did the right thing. He stroked it gently to calm it down and fetched a tool to start cutting up the net and freeing the little guy. The deer remains relatively calm as Bob helps to free it, as if it knew exactly what he was trying to do.

As soon as the deer gets a taste of freedom, it sprints off in the other direction and Bob knew he'd done a great deed that day. Well done Bob!