Every birth is different. Some women spend ages in labor, while others can deliver in a surprisingly short time. Tiffani Von Glahn experienced a particularly fast birth, and speed was a big part of this story as the couple led cops on a wild chase while rushing to the hospital!

Tiffani and her fiancé Carl were happy to welcome their baby girl into the world, but the birth was definitely eventful, to say the least!

Carl was working on New Year's Eve when he got a call from Tiffani. Knowing that her pregnancy was classed as high-risk, Carl started to panic when Tiffani announced she was going into labor, three weeks ahead of her due date.

He rushed home and got her in the car to head to the Medical University of South Carolina, where a team of specialized medical staff were waiting to deliver their baby, but they were in such a rush that they caught the attention of some police officers and wound up leading several cop cars on a high-speed chase.

In the end, Carl had to stop and was put in handcuffs while officers oversaw the delivery of his baby girl, right there on the side of the highway.

“I’m watching it the whole time, I’m on the hood of the car, in handcuffs, watching my child be born, it’s New Year’s and the fireworks displays are going on all around us, blue lights flashing and I’m crying tears of joy,” Carl said. “I wasn’t even thinking about being arrested.”

Baby Anastasia was welcomed into the world and did need a bit of a special care as she was a little premature, but she's doing well now. Sadly, the couple have since been evicted from their home and have had to set up a GoFundMe page to try and raise funds for a new place.