Parents have so much to worry about. The slightest little thing can have big consequences, so moms and dads need to be constantly vigilant to keep their little ones as safe as possible.

But the sad fact is that we're all human and we can make mistakes or overlook things from time to time. Even when we're doing our very best, little problems can still arise and turn into big ones, and that's what happened to this mom, who shared her story on Facebook.


She wrote:Today was by far the worst day of my life!Ever since reading about that little boy who died from choking on grapes I’ve been cutting them. Tonight Jake sat down on the sofa near my dad, he got a couple of grapes and put them in his mouth, my dad called me straight away and before I got the 2.5 meters to Jake he was already choking.I immediately put him over my knee and hit his back several times.Its didn’t work I put my fingers down his throat, I couldn’t feel the grapes. Jake wasn’t able to breathe. I knew I needed to ring an ambulance.Mark got Jake and started hitting Jakes back while he was still unable to breath while I rang an ambulance.

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Ellie was crying saying “he’s going to die mum, I don’t know what to do” Jake was blue and purple and stopped struggling. He wet himself then My mum forced her fingers down jakes throat and managed to pop a grape while Mark was still hitting jakes back.My mums finger nail popping the grape made the smallest amount for room in Jakes airways which enabled him to finally have the strength to retch hard and bring out the grape followed by blood and mucous. Jake could finally breath.We could beat the ambulance to hospital so we got Jake in the car and got him to hospital where his ears and cheeks were still purple.And I have been told by the doctors and nurses he is extremely lucky to be alive and as well as he is. Jake is home and well with just trauma to his throat.I am posting this to once again spread the dangers in the food most children love.Please cut your child’s grapes. Please tell everyone to cut your child’s grapes. Nothing is worth the risk of losing them.


She later shared an update:****UPDATE **** I am really overwhelmed by everyone’s support. I was not expecting such a positive response from everyone. We knew first aid and it was still a huge struggle to get the grape out.In fact we found two. Jake was not able to breathe at all and couldn’t make a sound. The grapes were whole and the skin wasnt broken. We are unsure when the first grape came out.We couldn’t see any of the grapes at all until the very end when Jakes dad compressed Jakes stomach/chest which enabled my mum to finally see the grape and pinch it with her nails which without a doubt saved Jakes life.We're so glad to hear that Jake is doing better now. Sophie is clearly a great mom but this story shows that danger is always just around the corner and can be found in the most unlikely places. Parenting is a big job and we wish the best of luck to all the moms and dads out there!