Sara Salow, an Arizona mom, claims she felt humiliated and confused when an airline worker said she'd have to pay $150 to take her breast milk on board a flight.

Sara was set to fly from Phoenix to Boston and ended up having to throw away her milk as she didn't feel it was right to pay the charge.

“When we went up to the counter, I was wearing my son in a carrier, the cooler was on the seat of the stroller and the women said, ‘You have too many bags,'” Sara explained.

Sara had checked with American Airlines before arriving at the airport and had been told that it would be fine for her to travel with the cooler at no additional cost.

“I’m like, ‘This is a diaper bag, which I thought was exempt; that backpack is his personal item and we have the cooler — I didn’t have a personal item,'” she said.

The worker insisted that the cooler would need to be paid for at a price of $150, and Sara was forced to throw it away.

“We were pretty mad; I immediately started crying,” Sara said. “It was humiliating; they kept telling us it was because we were basic economy passengers. It really felt demeaning.”

Other passengers even offered to take the cooler as their free carry-on item, but the airline worker refused to allow it.

A short while after the incident, the airline did issue an apology and said that its worker was in the wrong. Sara isn't happy about the experience but is glad to see the airline own up to the problem.

“If it means it will never happen to another mom, it was worth it,” she said.