Coffee used to have a bad reputation, but more and more studies are proving that a good cup of Joe can actually provide a whole lot of health benefits, including cutting down your chances of heart or liver disease.

The latest study, published in the British Medical Journal, has revealed that three cups of coffee a day is the perfect amount for people who want to get the best benefits.

The research is based on data from over 200 previous studies, proving that coffee can cut down chances of various types of cancer, mental health issues, diabetes and more.

Professor Eliseo Guallar, one of the scientists working on the research, said that there is still a lot to learn about the drink.

“Does coffee prevent chronic disease and reduce mortality? We simply do not know.”

“Should doctors recommend drinking coffee to prevent disease? Should people start drinking coffee for health reasons? The answer to both questions is ‘no’,” said Guallar.

The study did also show that coffee isn't always beneficial. In pregnant women, for example, it can lead to premature births, low birth weight and other issues.

“Coffee was also associated with an increased risk of fracture in women. Pregnant women and women at high risk of fractures should be made aware of these potential adverse effects,” said Guallar.

Tom Sanders, a professor at King’s College London, said that the results of the study might be skewed by the fact that regular coffee-drinkers are often healthier in general anyway.

“Coffee is known to cause headaches in some people and it also increases the urge to go to the toilet—some people chose not to drink coffee for these reasons,” he said.

“Patients with abnormal heart rhythms are often advised to drink de-caffeinated coffee. Caffeine also acutely increases blood pressure, albeit transiently. ”

So, to conclude, scientists still can't be 100% sure on coffee one way or another, but they do strongly believe that it has a whole lot of advantages! How much do you drink?