In 2008, Omkari Singh made headlines for giving birth to twins at the incredible age of 70! Several years later, she admits she's finding it hard to keep up.

Omkari and her husband already had two daughters and five grandchildren, but wanted a male heir to inherit the family's smallholdings.

The couple were, of course, unable to conceive naturally, so Omkari's husband sold off his land and livestock to pay for IVF treatment.

Doctors and family members doubted that the treatment would be successful, but Omkari did get pregnant and managed to deliver two healthy babies by C-section.

“I’ve been in medicine for 20 years, and I have never heard of such a case,” Omkari’s gynecologist said.

The babies were doing fine and growing into healthy children, but the female twin tragically died at the age of 4, leaving the boy, Akashvani, alone.

Akashvani is now 9 years old and Omkari is often mistaken for his grandma.

Learn more about this unlikely family in the clip below, which was filmed a couple of years ago.