Over the weekend, one of our favorite celebrities - Chrissy Teigen - shared this adorable photo of herself going down a little slide with her young daughter, Luna.


Great picture, right? Wrong! This is the internet and people always find something to complain about.


So what was it? The caption? Hmm, nope!

Actually, it was the fact that Chrissy was going down the slide with her daughter on her lap. Apparently, this can be very dangerous!

Many of Chrissy's panicked followers left comments to let her know just how many legs they'd seen broken in similar circumstances. We find it slightly hard to believe that one person could have three friends who all broke their kids' legs by going down slides, but hey! Statistics show that it can happen.

But, this is Chrissy Teigen we're talking about, so she had plenty of loyal fans leaving comments in her defense.

And we think this person summed up the argument pretty well.

You can probably argue that doing almost anything with a child could be dangerous in some way, but attacking a woman over going down a slide seems pretty extreme. What's your view?