Allow us to introduce you to 4-year-old Alex and his parents, Samir and Stephanie Deais. The family live in San Antonio, Texas, and there used to be four of them, but tragically Alex's little sister, Ava Lynn, died as a baby.


Last Saturday, Samir caught his son singing "Remember Me" from the latest Pixar movie, Coco, to a photo of Ava Lynn. It's a touching but heartbreaking moment.

Ava Lynn was born in December of 2016 and died in May of last year from a kidney problem called hydronephrosis. Alex wanted to do something special for her first birthday, and decided to sing her this special song. 


The video has been viewed over a million times already and the family have been overwhelmed with messages of love and support.

Samir went on to explain that the movie Coco helped little Alex to understand death and deal with the tragic loss of his sister. "He started to ask more accurate and direct questions, and using Coco as a reference was a huge help," said Samir.