Here's a super cute story that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

A Yosemite park ranger recently shared a story on Reddit about a letter he'd recently received. The letter was written by a young girl named Evie, who is actually a certified Yosemite Junior Ranger.

Little Evie had visited the park and "accidentally" taken a couple of sticks home with her. She felt terrible and clearly regretted her actions, so decided to mail the sticks back to the park, along with a letter of apology!

It's one of the cutest things you'll ever read, especially the ending where Evie asks the rangers to put the sticks "in nature" where they belong.


In case you can't make any of that out, here's what Evie's letter said:Dear Park Rangers, I am a Yosemite Junior Ranger. I went to Yosemite recently and accidentally brought home two sticks. I know I'm not supposed to take things from the park, so I am sending them back. Please put them in nature.Thank you,EvieThe ranger who received the letter now plans to carry the sticks around the park and take photos of them to share with Evie and anyone else who wants to follow along. It's a super cute ending to an adorable story!