Coca-Cola is one of the biggest and most popular soft drinks in the world, but figures show that people are drinking less and less coke.

Whether it's for health reasons or something else, many folks are choosing to forego sodas, even in zero-calorie versions like Diet Coke, for other options like waters and juices.

So, Coca-Cola decided to give Diet Coke another rebrand, launching four crazy new flavors that the company is hoping will appeal to millennials and young folks in general. The four new flavors are "Twisted Mango", "Zesty Blood Orange", "Feisty Cherry", and "Ginger Lime".

All of the new flavors will be shipped in flashy-colored cans.

"We love the essence of Diet Coke and we don’t want to throw it away — just modernize it so we can re-express it for a new generation of fans," said Rafael Acevedo, Coca-Cola North America’s group director for Diet Coke.

Sales of the beverage fell by 3.5% last year, but Diet Coke still earns the company over $2 billion annually, so it's not a massive failure!

The company has identified millennials as a big potential market and claimed it needs to change its branding and style to be more "Instagram-friendly".

Coca-Cola "wanted to make sure packages are Insta-ready," said Acevedo.

What do you think of the new flavors? Which would you try first?