Like many people, Ivanka Trump was blown away by Oprah Winfrey's incredible Golden Globes speech. She even wrote a tweet about it, calling Oprah's words "empowering" and "inspiring".


She even added the hashtag "#TIMESUP", referring to the movement started by women in Hollywood to combat sexual harassment.


The problem here, however, is that Ivanka's own father has been accused of sexual harassment multiple times. Not only that, but Oprah's speech was widely viewed as a first step on a possible bid for presidency in 2020. Ivanka is essentially showing support for a woman who may run against her own father in a couple of years!

People were clearly pretty confused about Ivanka's reaction. Meanwhile, the White House issued a statement to say that Trump would "welcome the challenge" of a presidential bid from Oprah or anyone else.

And the reactions kept rolling in, with a mixture of confusion, shock, and incredulity in each message.