If you call yourself 'L.A. Beast', it's pretty likely that you're a rather special individual.

We don't know much about L.A. Beast, except that he's a professional eater who seems to have a pretty incredible disregard for his own health, as well as a remarkable ability for consuming raw butter!

Beast recently broke a world record, previously held by Don Lerman. Breaking a world record is always an impressive feat, but this one is a little gross! Back in 2002, Lerman managed to eat 7 sticks of butter in five minutes. The video below, however, shows Beast eating a whopping 8 sticks of butter in a little over three minutes!

For now, the record hasn't been officially updated on the Major League Eating website as the video needs to be verified by officials, but it's likely that Beast will be able to claim his cholesterol crown shortly.

Just for reference, eight sticks of butter works out at over 6,000 calories and approximately 700 grams of fat. Wow.