Sorry, everyone. We know that 2018 has only just begun but we've already got some bad news. A Business Insider report has revealed that one of the greatest inventions known to man - chocolate - could become a thing of the past as early as 2050!

Can you imagine a world without chocolate? It's hardly worth thinking about!

Scientific American released back in 2010 warning that fungal diseases could cause widespread devastation to cacao trees, eliminating chocolate right at its source.

Now, Business Insider's report is making things sound even scarier, revealing that cacao plants can only grow on “a narrow strip of rainforested land roughly 20 degrees north and south of the equator, where temperature, rain, and humidity all stay relatively constant throughout the year,” but that global warming could have huge effects on this zone and make it impossible for the plants to survive!

Mars, maker of some of the most-loved chocolatey snacks around like M&Ms and Snickers, is working with UC Berkeley scientists to try and develop stronger, disease-resistant variants of the cacao plant which would be capable of growing in other places, potentially saving chocolate in the long run.

For now, however, scientists are merely experimenting and can't be sure of finding a solution in time. Leading experts worry that climate change could kill off cacao plants within just a few decades, so we have to hope that they find a solution!