A colony of bats invaded a Texas Walmart earlier this week, leaving shoppers confused and workers at a loss as to how to deal with them.

Shoppers shared videos and updates from the store, reporting dozens of bats flying all over the place.

"They need to get them out of there," said shopper Tim Bentley. "I don't know if it's safe to have people in there. I don't know what they should do but they should maybe get everybody out while they get control of the bats."

Other shoppers reported seeing workers trying to steer the bats towards the exit.

“[Employees] were kind of herding them toward the exits," Shopper Christy White said. "[The bats] were flying low enough at that point where they were kind of flopping their jackets at them and chasing them out of the store.”

Locals say they've seen bats in the store before, but the creatures have apparently never bitten or attacked anyone.

The situation is still dangerous, however, as bat feces have been spotted around the store, containing harmful bacteria.


“If bats are observed anytime within the food areas, the store will be required to close until the situation is rectified,” said Dixie Roberts, a spokesperson for the town.

Walmart issued a statement to say it was working on the problem.

“We are working with our health and safety team as well as the health department to safely remove the bats from our Alvin store and will continue to provide a clean and safe shopping experience.”


So who else can say that they were shopping with bats at Walmart tonight LOL craziest thing ever but it was pretty damn cool

Posted by Felicia Prosser on Monday, 8 January 2018