Weddings are the most joyful and love-filled occasions anyone can ever hope to experience: a whole day dedicated to the love and connection between two hearts and souls.

These special days live long in the memory, but photographs can help to capture individual moments and preserve them forever.

This year, Junebug Weddings held the 10th edition of its 'Best of the Best Wedding Photo Contest', receiving almost 9,000 different images from wedding photographers all over the world.

The judges worked hard to narrow the entries down to 50 winners, and we've picked 10 of our favorites to share with you below. These images manage to say so much without speaking a single word, capturing love, laughter and adoration in a split-second.

Scroll down and check them out, and be sure to let us know which one is your favorite!

Eric Floberg

Whitney Justesen Photography

Two15 Photography

Pollard We Are

diktatphotography Report

Vein + Vessel

Wandering Woo

Photography by Soven

Maddie Mae

michaela joy photography