So, this was more or less inevitable, especially with the new 'It' film being such a big hit in theaters all over the world. Yes, the killer clown pranksters are back for more.

Once again, folks are going to be dressing up in clown costumes and taking to the streets in an attempt to scare the living daylights out of everyone they meet!

For now, we've only heard about clowns appearing in Australia, but we can be sure that this sort of thing will happen elsewhere too.

A group called 'Clown Purge Australia' has popped up on Facebook, with pages dedicated to the biggest cities all around the country, including Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

The pages have revealed that groups of clowns will be sent out in the next few weeks in the buildup to Halloween.

"We're not here to harm, only here for a laugh and a good time 🤡," says the caption on one post, explaining that the clowns will actually be part of a weird 'treasure hunt' that people can participate in.

Red balloons will be scattered around, with clues attached to help people locate the clowns. We don't know why you'd want to track them down, but there you go.

If you do follow the clues, you'll find one of these lovely fellas waiting at the end.

We're just going to stay indoors until Christmas comes. Unless a bunch of killer Santas suddenly start appearing...