If you were on the internet 10 years ago, you probably came across Chris Crocker's famous 'Leave Britney alone!" video.

The famous clip showed a weeping Crocker imploring folks to just get off Britney Spears' back and let her live her life! Well, it's 10 years old now and Chris has changed a lot in that time. In order to celebrate the anniversary of the video that made him an internet superstar, he decided to share a new clip with some recent thoughts.

The original clip got millions of views in a matter of days, which was a really big deal at the time. Viral news is huge nowadays, but back then, it was pretty rare for random folks to become internet famous.

Chris, for better or worse, was one of the few to succeed.

He was only 19 at the time and was going through a tough period in his life.

Sure, the video is a bit over-the-top, but it was ultimately just a passionate guy defending a star he loved.

After becoming famous online, Chris become a blogger, public speaker and even a singer-songwriter. He also appeared in an 'adult' movie, but let's not talk about that.

Instead, let's focus on the positive side! It's good to see Chris doing well. Oh and he doesn't have to worry anymore as Britney is doing fine too!