You would think that once the handcuffs are on a criminal, their chances of getting away are pretty low. As the following Texas police officers recently discovered, some criminals just can't be restrained.

Earlier this month, Lufkin police officers arrested Toscha Fay Sponsler, 33, for suspected shoplifting. After they snapped on the handcuffs and sat her down in their police cruiser, they thought her arrest was a sure thing- however she proved that she would be a lot harder to detain than they expected.

It was clear enough that Sponsler wouldn't be quietly arrested after she initally ran from the police. When she was finally apprehended, multiple officers had to cuff her against the ground.

Screenshot / Daily Mail

Only a few minutes after she was put in the police car, she somehow managed to wriggle free and climb right into the driver's seat...

Screenshot / Daily Mail

...and then drove away.

Screenshot / Daily Mail

Sponsler led the police officers on a speedy chase for over 20 minutes before she crashed into a roadside tree as she tried to grab a gun attached to the inside of the vehicle. Somehow, she managed to dodge a spike strip!

Take a look below: