It's very unusual to spot a bird with no feathers, but when it comes to the dedicated owner of these two lovebirds, its become an everyday norm.

These two pet birds named Indi and Lemon live together in their West Palm Beach home in Florida. The two make up a very unique and special couple, sharing both a deep bond for each other as well as a very rare feather and beak disease called psittacine. This highly contagious disease causes a bird's feathers to eventually fall off and can become a fatal condition. Lemon has reached the stage where she is now fully bald, and must be kept isolated. Lucky for her, Lemon never has to be on her own thanks to her friend Indi.

Lemon previously had a complete set of glorious feathers, however as time passed her disease worsened...

YouTube / Barcroft Animals

...and unfortunately lost each and every one.

But Lemon lives a happy life in the loving home of Fabiana Guagliardo, her caring owner...

...and of course with beloved Indi. The two birds share the same condition, however Indi has yet to loose any feathers.

Recently, Guagliardo came across yet another bird who shares this condition named Rhea. Guagliardo decided to adopt her once she learned that Rhea's owner, who had to travel abroad, could not bring her along.

Initially, Guagliardo worried the three birds might not get along together, but much to her surprise they make the perfect trio!

To find out more on these three very special lovebirds watch the video below.

It's so wonderful to know that despite the tragic outcome, this adorable trio have the companionship and support of each other. You can see more of their special bond on Instagram.