At the time of year, many of us have to wrap up in hats and scarves and big coats when we step outside, but what about our furry friends?

Too many people fail to consider the cold weather's effects on their pets. From small pets like guinea pigs and rabbits up to cats and dogs, animals are all affected by temperature too and need to be looked after in special ways to avoid getting ill.

Dr Kim Smyth, a veterinarian with Petplan, decided to make a special chart to help dog owners see when it's safe to take their pet pup out for a walk.

It's really simple to use: all you need to do is find the size of your dog, then go along the chart to find the right result depending on the temperature and chill factor of the day. If the square is green, it's safe. Yellow means you should be careful and potentially put a little coat on your dog. Orange is dangerous and red could be fatal, so avoid going out in these cases!

Of course, the chart is meant to be taken as a rough guide and there are some exceptions. A Husky, for example, is genetically made to cope in very cold temperatures, while a small shorthaired dog like a Dachshund might need to be treated with extra caution.

Check out the chart and save it to your computer for future reference!