Society is making good progress, but stories like this one show there's still plenty to be done.

When a woman complained to a UK train company about the sexist way she was treated by a conductor, the response she received was completely inappropriate.

Emily Lucinda Cole tweeted her complaint to Virgin Trains East Coast, stating that one of the conductors on board a recent train journey had behaved in a "patronising" way towards her, as well as calling her "honey".

Whoever was in charge of the Virgin Trains Twitter account clearly didn't see the big deal and decided to respond with a sarcastic attempt at humor.

"Sorry for the mess up Emily, would you prefer "pet" or "love" next time?" they wrote, signing the message 'MS'.

The tweet has been deleted now but Emily took a screenshot and shared it.

The train company later issued a full retraction and apology for the tweet, but the damage was done and many people shared Emily's screenshot around, expressing their own shock at the social media manager's response.

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