We love sitting inside, looking out of the windows and watching the snow fall. It's a beautiful sight, made all the more wonderful by being toasty and warm indoors.

Of course, going out and playing around in the snow can be a lot of fun too, but you have to deal with the inevitable frostiness, resulting in red ears and a runny nose.

These two horses had been cooped up during the cold winter months, but their owner decided to let them out to get a bit of fresh air. This simple act resulted in one of the most hilarious 19-second clips we've ever seen!

The video, which has gone viral and been viewed nearly half a million times already, shows the two horses coming out of their stables, realizing that snow is super cold, and both deciding that they were actually much more comfortable back inside!

Clearly, these horses are looking forward to the arrival of the warm summer months! Check out the funny clip for yourself and let us know what you think.