Christmas has been over for a while now and most people have taken down their decorations and got rid of their tree. This woman, however, wanted to try and get her money back for it!

On January 4th, the woman was photographed by a confused shopper who spotted her asking for a refund because her Christmas tree "is dead".

The witness snapped a photo of the scene and shared the story online. It's totally ridiculous and people are amazed at how the store decided to handle it!

Costco is the second biggest retailer in the world, right after Walmart, and has a very generous refund policy, offering a full guarantee on almost any product it sells. That said, the fact that the store actually decided to give this woman her money back on a dead Christmas tree is simply shocking!

We don't know the full story and if someone was willing to take a dead tree all the way back to a store and ask for a refund, it probably means they don't have a whole lot of cash, but the story is pretty shocking any way you look at it. Scroll down to learn more.


Some people criticized the woman.

Others criticized Costco and other stores for accepting this sort of thing:

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