Yes, you read that headline correctly; Idris Elba, star of The Wire, Pacific Rim and Luther, has a bedtime story to tell you!

The video shows the famous British actor reading a story entitled The Little Chicken Named Pong-Pong

The story was written by a Philadelphia mom named Wanda who used to be completely unable to read and write. In order to entertain her kids each night, she'd make up the stories off the top of her head, while pretending to read from a book. Later, her kids started to learn how to read and realized that their mom wasn't telling the same stories as they saw in the books. That was when Wanda decided to take some classes and finally learn to read.

Wanda is one of approximately 1 billion adults in the world who couldn't read or write, but Project Literacy is hoping to change that. The organization is trying to boost adult literacy rates all over the world and, for every copy of the free ebook downloaded by internet users, the charity will donate $1 to literacy programs.

It's good to see Idris Elba supporting such a worthy cause and you can do your part by downloading the book. It's free!