Nick Joseph and Dan Rue are a couple of YouTube stars, best known for saying the words "Oh no baby! What is you doing?" ... Yeah, these are the sorts of people the kids are looking up to these days! 


Anyway, last year, the pair filmed one of their "hilarious" videos while on a trip to Japan.

The video is basically a montage of various clips featuring the pair goofing around and dancing in public.


At one point, however, Rue appears to grab a random kid away from her mother and run away, staging a kidnapping.


Rue recently shared the video on Twitter, referencing Rush Hour in the process, a movie set in Hong Kong.


The video is pretty old now but, in the wake of the recent Logan Paul scandal, folks have dug it up and started attacking the duo over their antics, with many accusing them of child abuse and saying their stunt went way too far.

The duo have replied to the controversy by saying the whole thing was staged and the little girl was laughing about it afterwards, but some people aren't so sure.