Zoo Knoxville was thrilled to announce a trio a new monkeys this Christmas, but the workers were astonished when they spotted an unexpected surprise!

The zoo workers had no idea that one of the three adult Silvered-Lead Langur monkeys happened to be pregnant. The new arrivals were set to be a part of the zoo's Asian Trek exhibit. Then, on Christmas day, workers arrived at the enclosure and noticed an extra little monkey had made an entry!

The zoo workers missed the birth but were thrilled to see a little orange furball being cradled by its mother.

“It was completely out of the blue,” said Kelly Cox, assistant director of animal collections. “We are overjoyed to say this baby is doing just well.”

 The zoo workers are monitoring the baby and other monkeys to ensure that they're all in good health and adjusting well to their new home. Once they've settled in, they'll be able to make their public debut and visitors will surely be overjoyed to see this beautiful little baby for the first time!

Amy Smotherman Burgess/Zoo Knoxville

Amy Smotherman Burgess/Zoo Knoxville